This is not me – even with a book in front of her face, she’s more Insta-worthy!

Silverwhitewinters is a fortnightly lifestyle and culture newsletter created by Micki Rose, a natural health writer, researcher and former clinician at Purehealth Clinic. You’ll find loads of natural health guidance, books, lab tests etc. there.

Named after a line Julie Andrews sings in My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music by Rogers & Hammerstein, SWW will deliver a regular eclectic collection of inspiring, informative – and hopefully entertaining – odds and sods to your inbox.

Content will more than likely focus on book reviews, places to visit, inspiring architecture, products I love (not toxic candles: pet hate No.1), interior design, colour, anything nature-based, things to make, recipes, crafts, thought-provoking articles, opinion pieces and the like. If they encourage sustainable and conscious living, all the better.

A silverwhitewinter, for me, invokes a feeling of peace, beauty and purity, with a good dash of sparklyness and joy thrown in – and this sets the theme for this newsletter. I will be following the seasons round, not wittering about Winter all the time, don’t worry.

I’m a minimalist at heart. I’m drawn to calming, beautiful places, people, animals and activities, but I also love blowsy maximalist flowers (dahlias: pet love No.1), rich colours, live music, even a bit of bling here and there.

Just look at those – how blousy can you get? Image by silviarita from Pixabay.

I truly hope you enjoy a few of my favourite things with me. They say what you focus on, you become and get more of in life. Yay. I don’t know about you but I need me more of this!

Join me on the adventure.

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